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“Jewelry is a statement that not only accessorizes your wardrobe, but accentuates your personality. For me, luxury starts here.”

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A Timeless Journey… 

Since childhood, I was awestruck by jewelry and had an affinity for semi-precious stones. I was often found adorning unique pieces that were appraised by people around me. Therefore, what started as a hobby, soon blossomed into a full-fledged career. Today, with multiple exhibitions, and a global digital presence, Allure has completely evolved from a household venture, to an aspiring Pakistani brand.
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You don't want a million answers as much as you want a few forever questions.

Julia Wang, NY

The questions are diamonds you hold in the light. Study a lifetime and see.

Bonnie Lee, TX

Top Products

  • Katori Pearl

    • EUR: € 46.15
    • USD: 53.30$
    • GBP: £40.30
    • AUD: $71.50
    • AED: د.إ195.00
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  • Rose Studs

    • EUR: € 53.25
    • USD: 61.50$
    • GBP: £46.50
    • AUD: $82.50
    • AED: د.إ225.00
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  • Tia

    • EUR: € 35.50
    • USD: 41.00$
    • GBP: £31.00
    • AUD: $55.00
    • AED: د.إ150.00
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  • Crockett

    • EUR: € 88.75
    • USD: 102.50$
    • GBP: £77.50
    • AUD: $137.50
    • AED: د.إ375.00
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